Karin Williams (VIC) Director

Karin Williams (from VIC) is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman from the Bindal and Juru people, Darnley (Erub) and Murray (Mer) Islands in the Torres Strait along with strong family connections to Cherbourg in Queensland. She was born in Charleville and grew up in Bundaberg Queensland…

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Mary (Mariette) Cowley (WA) Chair

Mary hales from the West Kimberley being born in Broome. Mary’s cultural connections are with the Bardi, Worrora and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Mary is an ex nurse, holds a Bachelor of Science in Aboriginal Community Management and Development, Justice of Peace and Children’s court member.

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Lydia George (ACT) Director

Lydia is the first Torres Strait Islander woman to graduate with a Masters from the Australian Catholic University in Canberra with a Masters in Social Work, specialising in Kupai Omasker – the Torres Strait customary adoption of children.

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Joyce Bonner (QLD) interim Director


Anna Stzelecki (SA) interim Director


Jaime Cave (TAS) Director

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Ngarla Kunoth Monks (NT) Deputy Chair

Ngarla is an Anmatyerre/Eastern Arrernte and Mparntwe woman and spokesperson from Utopia homelands. She has been working with her community in improving the housing and living conditions of her people. Ngarla is the daughter of Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, also of the central desert of the Northern Territory.

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Ivy Trevallion (TSI) Treasurer

Ivy Trevallian (from TSI) is a Torres Strait Islander woman born on Thursday Island where she resides with her husband and three children. Ivy’s family comes from the Dauan Island, Top Western Torres Strait Ivy graduated from Queensland University in 1986, and has been working as a Social Worker for more than 28 years in a number of different areas which include…

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 (NSW) Vacant

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