Sandra Creamer

Interim CEO



I would like to take this time to introduce myself to all members of NATSIWA. My name is Sandra Creamer a proud Kalkadoon/Wannyi woman from Mount Isa, Queensland.

I have been involved in Women’s issues for many years. My fight for change started when I was working for Legal Aid Queensland as an Indigenous Community Officer mainly working with victims of crime. I then undertook a law degree and it opened the doors for me to work internationally as well.

What inspires me in my work are the kind spirits of many women and their journey of determination to make life for themselves and families a better place.

The laws and policies are set high and never intended for Indigenous people and especially Indigenous women in the world. But it is our sisters in the world and in Australia that continue to challenge and fight for change. I have met so many women in the world and each time I meet and speak with them it empowers me, they are my empowerment and it is through them that I am who I am today.

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Senior Project Officer (part-time)

Wendy Anders