T.S.I Board Member

Ivy Trevallion - NATSIWAIvy Trevallian (from TSI) is a Torres Strait Islander woman born on Thursday Island where she resides with her husband and three children. Ivy’s family comes from the Dauan Island, Top Western Torres Strait.

Ivy graduated from Queensland University in 1986, and has been working as a Social Worker for more than 28 years in a number of different areas which include: Social Worker at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Services, Brisbane; Coordinator of Student Support Services of QUT Campuses of Carseldine and Garden’s Point; Department of Communities as Community Resource Officer, working with organisations that were funded by the Department; Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy as Resource Officer located in Mt Isa and Senior Resource Officer in Thursday Island Office; Social Worker, Queensland Health (Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Services) as Child and Youth Mental Health and now as a Social Worker in Social and Emotional Well-being Counselling Service, Family Support Program.

As a Torres Strait Islander Social Worker and living on Thursday Island and working with Indigenous Peoples, one of Ivy’s concerns is cultural safety of clients that she sees and how she can ensure that Indigenous people living in her area are culturally safe; and how important it is for non-indigenous Allied Workers to have completed a culturally competency program.

Cultural safety for our (Indigenous) people is a very important component of healing.

Ivy has served on the NATSIWA Board since November 2013.